Case Study: Bringing Subjects to Life


Stone Age


St Thomas CE (VC) Primary School


Large playing field, tarmac play areas, MUGA court, an outdoor learning and forest school area with an orchard and a food growing space. For this project Grow made extensive use of nearby public woodland


The staff wanted to explore the topic outside the classroom and were not sure the best way to approach it.


Grow to School worked in partnership with Year 3 staff to explore the history of the Stone ge. To bring the past to life we decided to combine the use of the school grounds with visits to the local woodland allowing our clans of small cave people to discover all the skills needed to survive in the wild. From lighting fires, den building, creating traps and foraging for food the children experienced history first hand with all it's trials and tribulations. Despite building amazing encampments no one managed to light a fire, trap an animal or protect their camp from rival tribes.


The hidden success was all the learning that took place, it was a fine example of how with a little planning a school can save the cost of a trip and still offer the children all the excitement and thrill of bringing history to life.
It is very noticeable during Grow sessions some children who struggle academically within the classroom thrive in the outdoors and excel in this type of learning. The tasks are fun, motivating with children engaged in their learning. I love how my class want to be outside in all weathers
Rachel Littlewood, Teacher, St Thomas CE (VC) Primary School, Huddersfield.